New Book by Rev. Dikran Shanlian Քաջալերուէ՛ : 66 Ինքնատիպ Գրութիւններ

We are pleased to announce the publication and release of Rev. Shanlian’s latest book,  Քաջալերուէ՛: 66 Ինքնատիպ Գրութիւններ a collection of 66 writings from a pastor’s heart.

The book launch will be hosted by Armenian Evangelical Brethren Church (Glendale) on February 10, 2018 at 5PM. Refreshment and book signing will follow the program.

Please contact the church office for more details (818) 507-7400. Rev. Shanlian’s book is published by Armenian Evangelical Brethren Church and is currently available on


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