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AEBC to Hold Book Dedication Service for ‘Boundless Blessing’ by Rev. Dikran Shanlian

GLENDALE – Armenian Evangelical Brethren Church (AEBC) announces the publication of Rev. Dikran Shanlian’s latest book, Boundless Blessing (Անսահման Օրհնութիւն – Ansahman Orhnutiun).  

On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the “Pari Lour” newsletter, for which Rev. Shanlian has written spiritual articles over the years, the Church Council is pleased to publish a collection of 60 of his writings in commemoration of this milestone. The book publishing has been sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Harout and Maral Hagopian of West Hills, Calif.

A book dedication (kinetson) and reception event will be held on Saturday evening, November 19, 2022 starting at 7 pm. The dedication service will take place inside the AEBC Sanctuary with a reception in the Social Hall afterwards, where copies of Rev. Shanlian’s books will be available.

Ansahman Orhnutiun is now available through the author’s website at DikranShanlian.com (with fulfillment by Barnes & Noble). Additionally, the author’s previous books have been republished in new editions. Nor Jampah Me (A New Road) and Kachalerveh (Be Encouraged) are both now available in paperback and hardcover through the author’s website.

Rev. Shanlian has pastored Armenian Evangelical Brethren Church for over 35 years. He is an avid gardener and enjoys reading and writing in his spare time. He currently serves on the board of Pacific Church Network, a partnership of many ethnically and culturally diverse churches who work together to strengthen and establish churches to influence their world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Armenian Evangelical Brethren Church celebrates its 97th anniversary this year as well as 15 years in the city of Glendale.




For more information, visit AEBCGlendale.org or call the church office (818) 507-7400.